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Several resources exist for angel investors and angel investor groups. The following are helpful tools for current or potential Central Illinois Angels members:

The Angel Resource Institute (ARI)

Angel Resource Institute (ARI) - formerly called the Angel Capital Education Foundation (ACEF) - is a charitable organization devoted to providing education, training, and information on best practices in the field of angel investing. Our work is built on a foundation of extensive data collection, research, and analysis efforts that validate and support our programs. The programs of ARI include educational workshops and seminars, research projects and reports, and information about angel investing for the general public.

Angel Capital Association
The Angel Capital Association is North America's professional alliance of angel groups. This fast-growing association brings together many of the 330 angel organizations in the United States and Canada to share best practices, network, and help develop data about the field of angel investing.
Central Illinois Angels is a member of the ACA. Current Central Illinois Angels members can access the Members Only section of the ACA website.

Wisconsin Angel Network
The mission of the Wisconsin Angel Network (WAN) is to build early-stage capital capacity throughout Wisconsin, increasing the number and amount of equity investments in Wisconsin's entrepreneurs. WAN was founded in January 2005 as an umbrella organization providing services and resources to the early-stage investing community.

Angel Investment Performance Project
The Angel Investor Performance Project (AIPP) collected information from 539 angel investors who were members of eighty-six angel investor groups and who had experienced 1,137 exits from their angel investments. This data set, the largest-ever set of angel investor exits, utilized angel investing groups throughout North America to sample angels. Generalization of findings should focus exclusively on angel investors who operate in groups.

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